Is return percentage calculated correctly?

It says that total return is 48% or £341 but total is £1042. How does the app arrive at 48% number?

Did you buy £1042 worth of shares or £700 odd?

It’s many different small transactions here and there over the last year.

So the 48% is correct then.

I’m just being dense, can you please tell me how do you arrive at 48%?

The way I calculate is is:

If 100% is 1042 then 341 is just 32% of that.

£1042 is the current value of the stock, not what you paid for the stock.

Your gain is £341, so you must have paid £701 for the stock for the current value to then be 1042 - you can check this by adding up the numbers on your history tab, or by checking your monthly statement for your average cost price x shares.

341 gain / 701 cost = 48%


Got it, thanks. I went through transaction history and it is around 700 so that makes sense.


A great feature to have would be % gain/loss YOY, the 48% gain could have been over 1 or 10years :thinking:

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