OCO stop loss and trailing stop loss

I think your assessment of an ISA account contradicts the response provided by T212 above as a solution to a scalping question.

Holding an ISA account should not come with a risk of losing money just because the account does not leverage and therefore does not add to T212’s income, should it?

ISA accounts could have part long hold, part short hold and part day trade. In my opinion, an ISA account is a much more mature mix of investments than a CFD account where trades are driven by the highs and lows of a stock.

I can argue it is absolutely essential for an ISA account to have a Trailing Stop Loss feature. Customer’s money and profit should be T212’s priority as much as it’s own revenue. Moreover every buy and sell in the ISA account also adds to T212’s revenue, so supporting these accounts with necessary features should be a no-brainer!

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