Is there a Dividend fee?!

As per the attached image. IVR paid out .8 on this one yet I only received .7? I know it’s only .1 but why?!

I believe this was correct, 15% withholding tax. Hard to see due to the rounding of small numbers). To make sure it’s right get the actual dividend amount to full precision, multiply it by the number of shares you held before the ex. Dividend date and then multiply this by 0.85. This should be how much you got paid.


Why did I not get that then? Most people on other platforms got the correct amount?

Many thanks

There may have been a mistake as this payment was return of capital not an ordinary dividend. If I were you I would raise a help ticket or perhaps @Team212 will help here.

The Company expects that all cash and stock dividends paid on the Company’s common stock and all cash dividends paid on its Series A, Series B and Series C preferred stock in 2020 will be characterized as a return of capital for tax purposes

Indeed, as @Cavanhagan has mentioned, US taxation was applied/withheld prior to its allocation on your account, due to the dividend being treated as an ordinary dividend (per our intermediary). The net amount per share that you have received is 0.85 * $0.08 = $0.068.

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