How does the Dividend Work?

Hello all,

Today i received some dividend. However i cannot seem to connect it to my calculations.
I received dividend from LTC Properties.

See the screenshot.

However LTC says on their investor page saying they are paying an higher dividend (0.19 dollar per stock) than i received (0.16 dollar per stock).

See also the screenshot.

Can someone explain how it works out? Also in the first image i dont see any currency exchange rate that applies to the conversion from dollar to euro’s. Are base taxes being withold? and if so how much? That is some information im missing.

I ty to keep track of my portfolio in a google sheets. That is why im asking about it.

Thanks in advance

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Hi, please try searching as this has been talked about many times before.
Your 15% witholding tax is taken before the dividend is distributed. They are going to improve the dividend notification in the future to make the withholding tax and exchange rate clearer but they have a lot on their plate


Thanks for you reply Cavanhagan.

Its not that im bitching about it that they are not showing it properly… just wanted to know why it didnt seem to add up with my calculations. I just try to keep track of it in my own google sheets account.


understandable, but it is a question that’s been answered in at least 7 different topics already. searching dividends would quickly find you a relevant topic with all the previous answers provided.

good to hear that you have a system for managing your portfolio.