Is there a possibility of a T212 pension platform (SIPP)

Lol yes it would be great if they could provide everything for free.

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There is no free lunch in anything. Or do you think that Trading 212 will be 100% commissions/fees free?

The customers will always pay, one way or the other. They need to pay salaries, rent, taxes, hardware, software, etc.

If they couldn’t lend stocks on ISA accounts, they must arrange a way to cash on them.


@Team212 any news about this one?

T212 is nothing like Robinhood, primarily because the rules each have to follow are different and RH makes money in a way that is not allowed in Europe.


@AlexK - please can you post a sticky to this thread and update us on progress?

The 6-12m timeline you indicated is here… but I realise in software things can slip a bit. Freetrade have a SiPP as you know, so you’re losing market share due to that.

We’re all keen to know what the T212 SIPP will look like:

When will it arrive?
Fee structure?
What funds will be available?
Protection? - Is the FSCS scheme £85k across all investments heled with T212? - or per Investment, CFD ISA, SIPP etc? (Or is a SIPP treated separately to this - as it will be much easier to go over the 85K limit with a SIPP for some people.)

As you have blocked new accounts and new ISAs, how can you then in all good faith open up SIPPs? - surely all the blocks would have to be lifted?


People can post what they think, doesn’t mean they’ve actually done their research and/or are correct :upside_down_face:

@AlexK Is there any update on Launch date of Trading212 SIPP and LifeTime ISA Launch date?

We have not seen any update from T212 for long time on this topic.

SIPP has the potential to take T212 AUM to 10x ; as people are less hasident to invest their pension money in stocks as compared to other kind of savings. As for value investorsn stock market returns require longer holding horizon and pension is long term savings product.


It would be good to know if SIPP/LISA are still in the plans at all. I gave up waiting and moved some of my pensions to a Freetrade SIPP, but would prefer overall to have had SIPP and ISA in one place with T212.

SIPP and LifeTime ISA are in consideration, however, we do not have additional information or potential ETA. We will keep you posted if there are further updates.


@Hris.M is there any feature list available for near future. I’m really hoping for pie level transaction history

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I don’t have such a list, I’m afraid. All of our features in the pipeline go through a rigorous check and tests, and sometimes some of them may not qualify for commissioning on the platform.
Regardless, as usual - all new features will be promptly announced