Market opening times

CFD don’t stat when when the stock will be open normally pre market is open by now I know it was a holiday yesterday but trading 212 have not said when it will be open again

because nobody knows when the market will calm down.

There is no premarket trading in the USA today.

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Besides that, most CFDs for stocks start trading when regular market opens. So after pre-market. Some CFDs (like Tesla, Apple, etc) are tradable from 9:00 GMT/10:00 CET.

Just another measure to mess the CFD holders and artifically limited them to 1h window to manage trades. It is absolutely incorrect that there is no premarket trading in US.

Here is for example AMD that was available to trade from 9.00 GMT or 04:00 EST when premarket opens for the last year except today.

Are you sure that’s for today?

Well my SA app shows pre market for SP500, DOW and rest. So it seems business as usual.

Then it looks T212 have disabled it. Jesus lol. I thought it was just another national holiday or something.

Well today markets do close earlier then usual, but pre market seems “online”.

In their notification from 25th November they said:

“On 27 November 2020, US stocks and Indices will close early at 18:00 GMT with no pre and post-market trading.

I assumed that was something to do with Thanksgiving.

Aren’t CFDs traded through a Canadian broker? I guess Ivan told us months ago.

CFD market hours are not equal to stock market hours when it comes to pre-market.

It starts at 4am New York, which is 9am GMT. And at 9am all the premarket CFDs start moving. So it does seem to be equal hours.

Not all CFD stocks are tradable at 9am GMT. If there is enough liquidity T212 can activate it.

Trading hours are different for indexes, forex and commodities.

Yes not all of them, but the main ones. Apple, Amazon etc. Tesla. Anyway the main point is, many popular stocks are usually tradeable now but T212 have disabled it.

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Ah didn’t know that. Thanks.