Is this a new feature?

Hi guys, I recently saw on my wife’s phone and my father in law’s their apps are showing a new feature?

At the top of a company information news is being displayed which is brilliant. Analyst ratings etc. brilliant feature.

My app is yet to display it. Is this slowly being rolled out?

Looking forward to it appearing on mine.

Many thanks

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Hey, @RobK :wave:

Just to confirm before we dive deeper into this - have you updated to the latest version of the app? If you’re already using the latest version, please let me know and I’ll drop you a message so we can investigate this in more detail.

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Hiya, manually updated the app and got the new feature. Absolutely love this well done guys. One satisfied customer :blush:

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Just did the same and now I have news in the app :partying_face: This is a really nice surprise, well done team!

Edit: And thanks @RobK for sharing!


Glad to hear both of you enjoy the new feature. We’ve got some more surprises coming your way - stay tuned :wink:


I’ve been with you guys since 2020 so 4 plus years. Love what you guys have done so far and looking forward to all what you’ve got planned.