New Web App (Beta)

We’ve completely rebuilt our web app, bringing you tons of new features, including:

  • TradingView Charts - the world’s most advanced charting engine
  • Social space
  • Dark mode

Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Our new web app shares the design and codebase of our already great mobile apps. This makes our development process way more efficient, enabling us to bring you a consistent experience on all your devices faster than ever.

Beta is live now:

  1. Log in at
  2. Click the green button in the top-left corner

Switch to New App

We’re looking forward to your feedback!


How long will the beta go on?
We expect to fully launch our new web app in a couple of weeks.

I’ve found a bug. How do I report it?
Click on the “Beta” button in the top-left corner and select “Report bug”. Please be as detailed as possible.

Switch to legacy app

I like the legacy app just fine. Can I keep using it?
You can switch back and forth between the new and legacy apps at any point while the Beta is ongoing. After that, the legacy app will be discontinued.

When investing, your capital is at risk.


Thanks !
One question and one feedback

1- How can I display a list of my pending orders ?
2- Whey such huge BUY ans SELL buttons, taking half of the screen ?



I’m trying out the new beta app on the desktop, looks great so far but couldn’t find where I could save my chart as a template. I can reset the defaults here, but if I add some indicators how to save them as a template?


I feel like I’m Michael Burry after switching to “Advanced view”. So be it :sunglasses:

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it just looks a little too busy for smaller screens like 13" laptops but maybe i’, just having new change jitters. will give it a few days but woa, huge change guys, good job!

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:heart: finally we have Trading View on the desktop!

My only request at the moment is in @Wit’s screenshot it looks full width in the browser. Except it’s not in Chrome or Edge at the moment.

Are you waiting for a consensus on this or could this be an option in the Theme settings to have ‘Full Width’ or ‘Contained’ view on the desktop?

Just learninig guys but is trading view the 212 desktop app . If so where can you download it?

Nice, but not obvious. :+1:

You should see a ‘Switch’ button in the top nav bar.

Screenshot 2024-03-14 101930

Beta URL:

a lot of lost space here that’s crunching the charts you intend to roll out and have possibly paid for a lot to use. space usage needs optimising. take some cues from the old layout, it was still touch friendly if that’s what’s concern here


Also, every time i open the portfolio page, it defaults to the 1st manual investment instead of the last selected item in Portfolios. in my case it’s almost always a specific pie i monitor. so, maybe reporting a bug on that?



great job!!!

I search to arrange 12 charts in 4 rows / 3 columns as in the old web app possible?

(I find only split views with lower rows or columns)

First impressions, I am not seeing many improvements from the old advanced view.

Moving to TradingView charts is nice :white_check_mark:

I know I have a weird resoution on a widescreen monitor but this does not view well on 2560x1080.

This top menu bar is taking a lot of vertical real estate:

When clicking a price alert, the instrument is now clickable which is appreciated but it opens up a small preview window in Advanced view, not sure if this is by design but would prefer it to open a full advanced chart window.

Will post some more comments after a few days of use.


So many problems so far.

Tried switching chart to candlestick and with 3 month time period and 1 day interval I get this displayed >> 2 bars!!!

t2 chart1

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This is what I get when I click the fullscreen chart

Also the notifications are now seriously annoying especially the price volatility alerts I’ve just got several all for the same company which hasn’t moved in price (just has a big spread in pre-market)

Is there a way that we can access our custom indicators in TradingView or create a custom indicator script in T212 charts? One of the main features of TradingView is the ability to create custom indicators and strategies


Seems that it is designed for a phone rather than a desktop, a bit squashed. My chart line is just blue, doesn’t switch from green/red based on previous close level, otherwise okay. Going back to the legacy view just now.


Buy / Sell buttons too big and take up too much space.


I understand the desire to have common code for both desktop and mobile apps but there is a massive amount of wasted/empty screen on my desktop. Ideally I would really like support for multiple monitors. I have three 32" ultra high res screens and the screen now uses less than 50% of one screen. The restriction of only having one login also prevents me from opening separate browser instances on other screens to use the additional screens which would have been a good solution.


Can we remove the ‘news’ and ‘social’ feed panels under the charts? I have to scroll down through these to see the ‘Your Investment’ section, whereas before I can see without having to scroll?


The new UI looks amazing in my up great work from the devs, I really like the advanced view so far but the simple views not for me. I do have one issue though and that’s the fact there isn’t a way to put custom indicators or strategies from tradingview on the chart as far as I’m aware. If that was added it would honestly help so much