Ishares global clean energy "actively" managed


Lets take INRG etf as an example:

Do the holdings and their weights in the overall etf change according to black rocks management?
What I mean is, do the managers say: lets get more of this new hot stock X and reduce some of Y?


As most other etf inrg tracks an Index. There is no manager who decides which stock to buy.


Some etfs balance. WCLD being one as it is equal weighted. You can read how often they do it on the website I think its like 4 times a year. No idea about INRG suggest reading the info.

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INRG tracks a S&P index, S&P Global Clean Energy Index. The index constituents are chosen and weighted according to certain rules that can be applied in an automatic fashion called modified market cap, without a human manager taking a view as to which companies will perform best.