INRG Rebalance incoming

So with upcoming change in the ishares clean energy etf thought it would be good to open up a discussion about it and what your thoughts and predictions are for it.

My question is if they’re adding an extra 70 stocks will they need to sell some of the 30 to buy them?
Thus affecting the price?

Or will we not see a price adjustment?

Article on the adjustments

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Interesting article thanks for sharing. I wonder if any green energy purists will also leave the fund as it starts to invest in companies that are not 100% clean energy…

Where can I see the intention to rebalance info?
Also I prefer Legal & Generals RENG to INRG. The top few holdings are less weighted than INRG.
RENG also has a 2.5% weighting in TSLA.
In here to see peoples thoughts on INRG though cheers.

That should be what’s happening to INRG with an extra 70 stocks being added there’s a chance they may add Tesla if that’s what you’re after.

Don’t think there’s any info yet about what’s going in.

The rebalance is due to occur on the 16th or April I believe.

That’s fine but what I mean is how did you find out? Is there any info on the fund page? Email alert? Could do with this info for my other funds/ETF’s. Cheers!

INRG follows S&P Global Clean Energy index. There is some information about adding tickers. But not which ones.

Not all known hydrogen companies are added yet. Also curious which 70 companies will be added.


I found out on a yahoo finance forum

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On the one hand I welcome the upcoming increase in holdings, one downside has been the concentration and thus dependence on a couple of stocks.

But not investing 100% in Clean Energy might be risky move. I might sell everything and choose another ETF if I don’t like the added companies. If a minor position is TESLA its ok. I have to be careful though. I am already invested into TESLA through 2 other ETFs and swing trades… Lets see what they add, when will they decide??

I can’t imagine Tesla will be added to the index. Sure they have solar activities, but they are not a real green energy company IMO. The first ones I would think about would be Ballard, Bloom, FuelCell Energy, McPhy, ITM, Nel, AFC, etc.

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Most of them seem fine although quite inflated (not saying tsla isnt), still would not mind