It's happening....! (AirBnb IPO)

@mcwilliams91 @AdrianUK… Still interested?


I’ll see what pocket change I have lying about …

Rules out the SPAC Merger rumour at least! :man_shrugging:

It sounds even riskier than Nikola :money_with_wings:

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It does in this climate, certainly. Very odd timing.

It might simply be that they need the money…


More than likely that’s the case

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I don’t know, holiday accommodation with no staff/other holiday makers sharing facilities might be what a lot of people want right now.

Also a lot of people are desperate for a holiday after various lockdowns


by coincidence, a friend of mine was working on AirBnb (he was fired during lockdown) and his wife works in a hotel… the hotels has much more restrictions and thing to do to be able to receive guests than AirBnb does.

with a mostly certain second lockdown on winter time… not sure how will be AirBnb Q1 2021 results.

Airbnb is certainly in a better place than most hotels, since people can just register and rent out a room in their house. Quite a lot of actual hotels are struggling due to all the travel restrictions.

I think Airbnb is hurting for money the same as everything in hospitality, but is definitely should have it easier to recover than a lot of stuff. Probably.

Who knows? If I knew the future I’d already be rich :slightly_smiling_face:

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Don’t forget though if we do have a second wave and travel restrictions are set back in place again no one will be travelling to anywhere.

My Airbnb was cancelled in Lancashire and was only my partner and I going to be using it. Those were the rules.

Interesting stock for sure, when this is all over!

Risky time to be investing in it now…makes me pull this face :cold_sweat:

Risky for sure, but I can see it recovering well compared to others when all this lockdown stuff and travel restrictions are loosened/over. People will want to go out cheaply, which means Airbnb should be in a prime position to gain from this.

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I will look at it for sure… specially if it drops a bit after IPO.

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Spac would have been amazing… At least we cna get in on day one.

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I reckon it will hoot up like lemonade and BIGC in the first week after the ipo. There has been so much hype around it. Every young investor will be jumping on this I think which will drive the price up in the short term before it settles

Loads of institutions already in it privately I’d imagine so I doubt they’ll sell up just yet. The IPO price will jump up a fair whack before retail gets a sniff I’ll wager.

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I agree, despite reading that it has half its value with respect to 2017 (according to the latest valuation - I read it somewhere) I still think it will increase like crazy prior to retail investors getting access.

I have like 0.001% of my portfolio :rofl: in AirBnb through SMT. Should be interesting.


The other plus is Airbnb has a solid stable market in escorts renting places for work :joy:

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Will T212 notify the community in app when this happens and be added to the T212 stocks?

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