Johnson & Johnson Announces Final Exchange Ratio of 8.0324 in Split-Off of Kenvue Inc.

do we get the kenvue shares now then if we are holding jnj stock as i know split off is different to spin off ?

As long as they are listed on a stock exchange Interactive Broker & 212 support then yes.

In general only the ASX segment of the London Stock Exchange, and the Aquila exchange in the UK are not supported.

so the people that didnt take part in the exchange will we get the the shares in kenvue now? or is it still the lose your jnj shares to swap for kenvue ? as i know it was a exchange jnj for kvue if you took part

You’re best reading the below and it will explain the process in the market based on the actions you took. 212 should reflect this once they reconcile to Interactive Brokers records, and reading from it it takes effect post close of market yesterday so based on the option you chose, you will likely see it in your account on monday/tuesday.

Alternatively there is a corporate events thread in the forum that 212 post to once they have reflected market events in your account.

I created this topic sometime ago.

This type.of events is not covered by T212
Hope it helps

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