NEE will have 4-for-1 stock split - βœ… Completed

There is a lot of time before the split but I wanted open a topic already :smiley:

There will be a 4-for-1 split effective from 27.10


yes, just read about it. I have a question for T212 team.

Will we have our fractions sold like AAPL and TSLA? Or will you have the fractions split by then?

Yes, this is an important detail. With current implementation, I need to increase my holding a little but I don’t want to buy with the current valuation :smiley: This is assuming fractions are sold post-split, otherwise everything will be sold for me :smiley:

Here we go again :joy: :popcorn:


We’ll split fractions by then.


Ladies and Gentlemen, we got 'em

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There are few things in life which make me happy but this does spark joy

Think we should lock the thread with this as reply. Otherwise we will again get folks posting in same topic, will my fractionals split…


Yep. Close it. CLOSE IT NOW!

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Nice to see that improvements have been made to handling stock splits, as my tiny fraction also got split :slight_smile:

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