T212 costs etc 15 characters

Okay it turns out my identification documents will be turning up shortly(very quick passport replacement).
So will be looking at moving to T212.
How long trom requesting a move till it actually happens?
Costs? What are they?
I read nowt for an isa?
General account costs?
Dealing costs?
Have got it right there is que to join?
If so is it just isa?

How do T212 make money?
Do they raise capital via…how might be better question?
Any specific types of shares they dont the deal in?
Any Questionnaires for certain types of shares. The ones they think idiots shouldn’t invest in.

Thank you for your very valuable time (no sarcasm intended!)

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It’s always lovely seeing new and active users over here :raised_hands: Let me answer your questions, @JB2.

Share transfer is not supported yet, so you’d have to sell your shares in your current account and deposit the funds in your Trading 212 account if you’d like to use our services instead. You would need to create an account and get it verified. Once you open the account, you can drop me a DM and we will assist further with the verification.

From what you’ve mentioned, it seems you’re interested in having Invest and ISA accounts. As long as you reside in EU/UK, you can create an account instantly, without being on a waitlist.

If you decide to stick to those two account types, there’s a + 0.15% FX fee. when trading with instruments in a different currency than the one in your account. Deposits via bank transfer or instant bank transfers are free of charge. On the other hand, if you’re using a different payment method, it will be fee-free until you have deposited £2,000 in total. Once the £2,000 limit is reached, a fee of 0,7% will apply. There aren’t any monthly or subscription fees.

As for our revenue - we have a sustainable business model where the revenue comes mainly from our CFD service with a share dealing service that is profitable on its own.

Еvery client must complete an appropriateness test before opening a leveraged account to ensure they are fully aware of the associated risks.

I hope you found this info helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions :raised_hands:

So i can’t move my isa?
Start a new one only?
Do you have bonds available?

Speaking about ISAs specifically, we can only accept cash transfers. There’s a piece of additional information about the process in the article here from our Help Centre.

Currently, we’re not offering bonds but if anything changes in the future I’ll let you know.

Yes you don’t offer bonds, but you do offer bond ETF’s - sales my good friend :wink:


That’s true, @Zrtz good catch :pray:

@JB2, you can check the Bond ETFs we offer here.

Thanks but only interested in individual bonds

How long does it take for an order to go through? I didn’t apply a limit order, just the price quoted? Should have gone through straight away. It says market rate 70.8 buy checked it the buy rate is 71p
No movement for 30 minutes?

Instant bank transfer won’t work. Appears to be a fault at my bank. Used debit card. Charges? IE if I go past the £2,000 figure.

Contact details?
I assume email, if so, how’s long does it normally take for them to answer?

ISA going to open one on here. Remind me do I open it in the new financial year? I can’t open it earlier and put no money in till the new financial year? Can’t remember how it’s done.

Didn’t think I would ever say this freetrade site is better.

Set limit orders at 71p (stock market buy price) Trading 212 has it 70.8.
Still won’t go through??

Days range, is that spread?

The execution time depends on the instrument’s liquidity and market conditions. Less liquid stocks tend to have longer execution times so it’s hard to give any timeframe of when the order will be filled.

After you surpass the £2,000, a fee of 0,7% will apply.

You can contact us via the form here. Alternatively, you can reach us via chat - we’re available 24/7, so you can reach us anytime when you have specific account-related questions or other enquiries that require an in-depth overview of your account. If you’re using the web app, you can start a chat by clicking on the circle located at the bottom left-hand side of the screen. On the mobile app, you can tap on the three-line menu at the bottom right-hand side of the screen and select the “Chat with us” option.

You’re allowed to have and contribute towards one ISA only per tax year. If you have one active this tax year, you can transfer it towards us. If you don’t have ISA this tax year, you can open one now.

What counts is your first deposit. If you add money to it now, the funds will count towards your allowance for the current 2022/23. If you wait until the start of 2023/24 (April 6, 2023), and add money then, the funds will count towards your allowance for the new 2023/24 tax year.

In general, the ISA will remain inactive until you either deposit or transfer money from another ISA to it.

We have a dedicated section for ISA accounts in our Help Centre, and you can find useful articles here.

The Day Range indicates the price movement throughout the day - if there’s a red line, it means the price dropped. It’s the opposite if the line is green - the price has increased.

So that includes debit cards?
If I do multiple payments below £2,000, any charges then?


If you did 7 £300 payments, that is £2100 so you would be charged on £100.

In reality do a bank transfer, it’s free and instantaneous through the app, or a payment through your banking app with the correct references.

Also - based on your questions, you would possibly be better starting off with ETFs - things like VWRL or HMWO.

I can move the ISA to you with out selling the shares?
I have an open one fully funded?

The sodding instantaneous one won’t work. Bank doesn’t know why. Very annoying.
I will have to do £2,000 per day. Not happy with paying, makes me ill.

Thank but don’t do ETFs. TENT is my attempted purchase.

Transferring shares is not an option. We can only accept cash transfers.

Let us check your account. Reach us via the contact form or the live chat.

On day 2 you will then pay. I would sort out the instant transfer or do it from your banking app.

I used a debit card. It’s as quick as the instant transfer.
Your right about sorting out the instant transfer but they don’t seem to know what the problem is.
Astonishing it says my account name is wrong? Seriously I went through everything 3 or 4 times with them guiding me through it (not that needed them to) but kept insisting it was wrong. An obviously they came up with normal way of sending it which takes 2 days to arrive.and you get charged. I want the quick more than £2,000 to take advantage of a bargain.

I was just testing the site and was doing two £20 purchases. Is it to small an order?