Junior ISA trading account

Nice analogy. Can you suggest a “cereals producer”, Zergui? Just saying…

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Fair enough :joy:
I don’t where you are, so I don’t know which brokers are available to you.

The point is, there are probably some available to you that do sell the product you are looking for. Junior accounts have been asked about for a long time, and T212 has never given any indication that they would ever offer them, so it’s probably best to shop elsewhere :joy:

Edit: If we’re talking about an ISA, i guess you are UK :man_facepalming:. I believe IBKR have some offer, but I may be mistaken.
Maybe your bank will have some/know of somes.

From what I gather, Fidelity is often recommended. HL recently cut its Jisa fees, so it’s worth a look too.

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Second this zero platform fees and access to cheap all world mutual funds wins against most other accounts.