Junior ISA trading account

omg, this would be amazing.

Hi Ivan - is there any movement on the JISA initiative?

Bring on the JISA in time for xmas! I don’t wanna keep giving the kids money in a card like a pleb from the 90s! :scream:

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I’ve been loving the platform for the last 6 months or so. I’ve just started using pies, which is working out really well, but the main feature I am really missing is the inclusion of a junior isa/saver account. I love the idea of starting to put a bit of ‘pocket money’ aside for my 4 year old into investments, and use it to teach him about finances and saving etc.

If there was a way to link this to your main account, so it could be managed under the single login this would be amazing.

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We love platform,

If you had a Sipp and Junior Stocks and Shares ISA it would be awesome!

It would be much easier to have everything in one app to make managing the entire process easier.

Any idea when we could expect the Junior Stocks and Shares ISA to be up and running?


as some time has passed, I wondered if there was any news on this?

@Hedge, sorry to disappoint, but offering JISA is not something we have in our short/mid-term plans.

Any plans for a Kids investment ISA?

@rhyswoos, we moved your topic to an already existing one. I hope you don’t mind :pray:

Otherwise, nothing has changed since our reply above. I’ll update the thread if there is any news for offering JISAs.


Just looked into Fidelity and it seems pretty good for Junior ISAs because as you said, they don’t charge platform fees. As long as you set up a regular investment plan which would cost £1.50 per trade. But for ad-hoc trades it’s £7.50, so best to avoid those and plan ahead.

Having said that, £1.50 may be a bit up there if you’re only putting in a small amounts (let say, £50 per month). But its still 3% in this example, so not the end of the world.

Personally for me, they are missing some Shariah Compliant investments such as Wahed FTSE USA Shariah ETF (ticker: HLAL), so if anyone else has specific requirements, then Fidelity may not be suitable. Best to check what investments they offer on their platform.

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Please make this happen :pray:

Mutual funds are free are they not?