Just some companies I'm watching

dyor but just thought I’d list some companies I like at the moment.

Short term I think NVDA will go up prior to results and medium term I think it will continue to be strong. Also generally positive about semiconductor sector and MSFT

BGNE (nasdaq) - I’m viewing this as long term and potential for a takeover at some stage with the drugs they have in the pipeline. Obviously pharma always with risks

KMK - I don’t think the management look after private investors but several articles over the month saying that the tech has good potential. I suspect that share price may have a ceiling until at least March 2024 when some loan notes may be converted (so note holders wanting cheap shares). I sold at top of recent rise and re-bought at 5.1p this week.

SMX are valuing their joint venture (TrueGold). Valuation was meant to be done by end Oct but I think is now expected end Nov so SMX may issue statement early Dec confirming valuation of TrueGold which they own 51.9% of. TrueGold valuation may be in $40-80 million range with SMX having market cap of $5million so my suspicion is SMX are using valuation to try to get share price that better reflects what they think is SMX’s value.

SOUN - very positive about SoundHound AI. Listen to last nights conference call for info

MVIS - recent very bullish conference call. They are very bullish that they hope to conclude multiple major deals “in 2023”. This could stretch into early 2024 but basically potential for massive deals in the next 2 months so either the price will rocket or tank

PXMD - long term I like the potential of this microcap but heavily shorted so need to catch the spike (where price doubles)

It would be great to hear what other people like

This is the only one I’m familiar with. I did a lot of research a few years back on Chinese health plays, concluding this was the best of the bunch. Thankfully, I sold it in the $300-400 range.

As you rightly say, biotech stocks are uber risky – even more so in this case as it’s China-based.

Even though BGNE is China-based it could be taken over by one of the big pharma. I’m not suggesting that possibility is imminent and I haven’t held any shares prior to the last couple of weeks and will try to trade bits of volatility but looking to hold long term and gradually accumulate

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I would strongly recommend that you listen to this week’s conference call from MVIS and SOUN is you are interested by either (their respective websites will have links or tell me and I’ll find a link if you need it).

MVIS I think it slightly binary. They have LIDAR tech for autonomous vehicles. They are already direct selling hardware and software to some applications but the big potential is major design wins with OEM vehicle manufacturers. They are saying they hope to get multiple wins in the next couple of months and that these will be deals to supply the tech for the next 7 years+. The market is massive (ie ultimate every new vehicle) but there are two separate competitions - what tech becomes the most successful and secondly who company that tech comes from. MVIS say they have the best LIDAR tech with some technical reasons why. However, Elon Musk has said that Tesla isn’t going to use LIDAR and I believe he’s quoted as saying that Tesla will only use optical camera tech which is much cheaper than LIDAR. However, using optical cameras requires a lot of processing power but Musk says neural networks can process optical images at least as well as humans. That still doesn’t overcome problems of night and poor weather vision and optical illusions.

SOUN provide AI API and software for integration into other people’s systems. They are going after multiple markets. They are in cars (providing AI within the car), restaurants and multiple other markets. The conference call is pretty good and they have a very good website. I think their diversity is a major strength. There are some companies trying to provide AI for a specific market but SOUN is doing many. During the conference call they give some nice examples of what the AI can do.