Rumours/my thoughts to

Just a few little heads up what I think could be potentially good for either but here’s a few stocks to keep your eyes on for potential stocks partners/JV


This last one is my idea… way canopy and constellation partnered, it only makes sense

Cannabis 2.0 rolling out edibles etc…


Any thoughts??? Or any of your own???

More like punts but now with lockdown easing off, i’m going bullish on Trivago and Tripadvisor.
Reviews from these add up to be like it’s own social media niche, I think now is a good buy time.

Could be wrong, but I think in a years time they will see 30-40% returns easy.

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I’m in on trivago, my play on it Is it will return that’s easily especially after lockdown haha but I think when Airbnb go ipo they’ll do something with trivago BUT there is crypto’s on its way, check out holochain… it’s Decentralized peer to peer booking. You hold a holochain box in ur house and people book through it

I could be wrong also, but I feel like we are due a “war” anytime soon, so I’m picking up the defense contractors / military stocks whilst they are cheap. lol Playing devils advocate :smiling_imp:

My biggest risky stocks right now are:
Military stocks, Steel, Travel and oil.

Lockheed Martin / Raytheon Technology / Boeing / Northrop Grumman / BAE systems / Trivago / Tripadvisor / United States Steel / RDSB and BP Plc.


Some interesting choices of military/defence there. I’d be interested as to why you didn’t go for General Dynamics, if you’re willing to share? (EDIT: To my mind they are going ‘cheap’ more so than Raytheon or Lockheed Martin)

You are taking a punt haha, I’m more future stocks Jumia airtel Africa virgin galactic etc level playing field about to bring them poorer countries up

Why steel?
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Steel man will be the next iron man

🤦 Sorry

Yea, these are all risky flips for me.
If these get into a decent profit I will hold them until they hit their stops which I will be increasing slowly. No biggie if they don’t.

Still better odds than the casino :smiley:

@SWPhilosophy No reason, just didn’t fancy having them in the mix.