KMK earnings report due next Thurs

KMK are small tech company and risky. However, they did a deal with a major OEM in April that the broker but a conservative npv of 9p/share on. The share price rose but the company then trashed the share price with a fund raising at 5p/share which was oversubscribed. Since then they’ve announced a couple more modest deals and the price has just traded in a tight range just above the funding price of 5p.

Some positive chart indicators but given how the price has just traded in a tight range I wouldn’t place much weight on the chart indicators at the moment. Essentially the company should have cash, should have a positive statement about the recent deals. Given that the company is in development and early commercialisation I doubt that there are massive expectations in terms of revenue so I think that there is decent scope for a positive earnings statement. It will be interesting to see whether the price picks up early in the week

I’ve been watching KMK (and hold) for a while since they trashed the share price a couple of months ago with a discounted fund raising. Good results recently didn’t move the price which has basically just sat at the funding price of 5p. However, suddenly showing activity this afternoon and has appeared to be gaining some strength over the last couple of days.

Also PRST and MVIS may be about to have another rise after both dropped back from recent big rises