Keep reciveing letters from tradeing212

Hey I move recived 2 letters this month for
Tradeing212 just about I made my Account will I constantly be receiving these letters in my mail? I havnt even changed my details or anything so I don’t see why I need 2 same letters sent to me thanks just wondering if you guys constantly send letters and if there’s any ways to make this more papperless although I don’t know why I need letters

No you only get the letters when opening the account, I haven’t received one since. If someone longer term could maybe say if there’s a yearly summary or anything?

Pretty much the only regular letters we send are Welcome Letters when you open an account. These are part of our onbaording checks against identity theft. If you are receiving anything different, it might be worth forwarding tous to check.

I didn’t receive one at all. I’m not bothered but would be handy if it includes info I might need.