Signing up an account - ✅ Solved

Hi guys, I have issue with signing up for an account as i have tried like more than 5 times but i kept getting rejected at the part where they asked for ‘proof of address’. I gave my bank statement ( i took a photo of it and upload it) with all the information that they need is there. i dont know what is missing, can anyone guide me in the process of signing up? i tried contacting but i did not get any replies, i’ve been waiting for 2 days already…

Hi @david37838 welcome to community. I believe @David or @Martin could help. Although I guess delay is due to @Trading212 having a gigantic growth in the last few months and are most likely swarmed with emails :slight_smile:

Hello there. I was able to see where the issue with your document comes from. I will send you a DM with instructions on how to proceed.

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