Ketchup and Value

I am looking for (value?) stocks that tend to weather the storm well. I expect major corrections and a bear market in light of poor vaccination numbers, prolonged (again -.-) lockdown in Europe and China and most importantly mutating strains.

Sheer rumors of ineffective or very reduced efficacy vaccines could be very well be the catalyst for a downtrend.

My portfolio is not ready for the storm and I am planning to change that. Among other stocks Kraft Heinz caught my interest this weekend. Yesterday I noticed Berkshire owns a FAT stack. Stock looks undervalued and pays fine dividend. Not sure though how big of an impact lockdown, closed restaurants etc. would have.

Interested in your opinion, especially investors who see some headwind approaching.


I think ULVR, GSK are good choices, pay 3%+ and 5%+ dividend too as well as being undervalued currently. Interestingly they both popped around 2% today.

I would also say normal JNJ but they have had several month run up so they may well pullback if market does, but still more stable than others. Similarly NEE is something which has done well recently but is a good solid play I think.

I cant recommend, but I am in process of looking at BIP/BIPC too for an infrastructure play.

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