RTX drop thoughts?

What is everyone’s thoughts on RTX, are people buying more as it drops or selling?

I’m holding this one to be honest. I think it’s had it’s main drop, very much doubt I’ll add more though.

What are your thoughts?

I was the same, I was tempted to buy more but it has been to unpredictable so far this year that I am worried it won’t recover.

I definitely wouldn’t sell if I am holding. Especially for loss.

That said, I wouldn’t add more. Due to significant drop in 2020, don’t believe we will have such huge rebound in beginning of 21 due to probable lockdowns now.

I would look in GD (General Dynamics) as better valuation/opportunity. Around low 120$ ish.

I’m pretty confident it will recover. The CEO had a positive outlook in the long term on CNBC, he is naturally going to say that of course.

They do not expect the general aerospace sector to pick up until 2023, however the defence arm is growing.

It has tended to jump between 58 and 63 since I’ve held it.

All that said I’m bullish in the long term, most definatly not for the next 12-24 months.

I’m agree with you there. I’ll give the other one a look too.

Just curious, did you hold in the end?

What happend to the stock (just curious)

Yes decided to hold, might sell a few if it goes profitable this week.

It’s just down to vaccine news to be honest. I’ll continue holding for the dividend I think.

Plus give it a few years, if it goes to precovid levels it could nearly triple.

Sorry. Reply meant for you also.

Yes thats is true, I am planning to hold about 90% in the hope it will recover. But offloading 10% and reinvesting into something a bit safer.