Earnings Reports: Novavax, Beyond Meat, Disney etc

Does anybody play earnings reports? Or from your experience is it better to play the run up and sell before the report?

With Novavax, Beyond Meat, and Twilio tanking, I’m not very confident riding my other holdings into their earnings; i.e. Fastly, Livongo, Datadog etc.

Also did you see that V shaped recovery on Novavax?! Outrageous.

tried playing them for a while. won a few, lost a few, very hard to predict. just bought before earnings and hoped on a rise. I’ve read a better strategy is to play the run up to earnings like you said but never tried that one. Gave up with all these strategies though and now just hold long term. Yeah that Novavax recovery is crazy…as i said…anything can happen, even if a company beats numbers future outlook could be bad…any number of factors can make it drop or go up. ps twilio could go positive by tomorrow, you never know!

edit: novavax up 6% now, what a recovery

I’ve playing the run up to earnings once or twice with small monies which was profitable. Nothing ever serious though. Likewise, I’ve never really played earnings in the past as it seems anything is possible, regardless of good or bad reports, and tonight has just re-enforced my thinking.

Whoever bought Novavax when it was down at 110 is swimming in cash right now.

So according to Reddit, a reported released some fake news which caused the stock to plummet and later retracted the statements. I should have pulled the trigger at 110! Buying the dip hasn’t failed me yet, why did I hesitate!

110 to 150 isn’t that big a gain? what about the people that bought at the start of the year for 4.49 or even back in March at 15…they are not swimming but drowning in cash.

oh interesting, don’t beat yourself up too much, there will always be another opportunity somewhere. it might have tanked and still could do so don’t worry about it.

If you’re playing CFDs a 40 dollar jump is absolutely huge. 100 CFDs at 110 would have gotten you 6k had you went from 110 to 170.

Those who bought earlier in the year definitely would have been drowning thought yes. I bought in on some shares at about 30 myself and sold at 50 for some small profit at the time and was happy with that.

You’re right though, there is always tomorrow! It easily could have went either way. Which is exactly my concern, it seems to be almost by chance these days.