KFConsole - 2020 just got weirder

KFC has a games console with a chicken chamber and is more powerful than Xbox or PS5. I’m sold.

Even if they do consoles, do they do free fitting, no…didn’t think so

Your leader status really gives you a lack of conviction in your messages?
Speak what you think man, we live in the free world :earth_americas:

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Have you seen the chicken warmer inside? Hopefully used only when it’s still in the packet :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

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Put my dominos slices in there as I play COD. Fueling my weight gain every day. Maybe I can save on energy imagine if I can cook using it while I play, rustlers done in 60 seconds, baked beans…limitless possibilities.

What you on cold War modern warfare?

Nah - I don’t give a toss about it lol. I didn’t ask for this leader crap, I took it off my name for a reason :stuck_out_tongue:
I have no filter though - it’s only after I think - “ahh your gonna get some hate for saying that”. lol.
It’s more to manage my future grief - than anything.

@adm Don’t worry yourself about future grief its more important to be who you are on here or you will never find like minded people just replicas of the person your pretending to be

well said :+1: :smiley: - 20 chars

So what is the point of this new thing then - just a publicity stunt ?

What’s your hot stock tip then?
They’ve been flogging it as a real thing for a couple of years who knows!

I only trade indices so I havn’t the foggiest man :smiley:

I may be mad, but i’m still thinking Danone is a little gem in the rough right now.
Solid company with huge backing and product line - plus embracing the new eco movement. But the share price is like march levels. ???

They own nearly all the water companies / baby product / food product / etc…
No idea why they still down really. Then again, I havn’t looked too closely.


Warzone toasting noobs

Trust your gut and add it on, I’ll take a look

PlayStation or xbox?

I’m looking at Ted Baker lads, need to review it more looks dirt cheap.

PlayStation started playing FIFA and getting rages though

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I think apparel will do nicely maybe late spring next year on the bounce back.

Historically not so much looking at Ted Baker but worth looking into. Low pe but this market is declining

Send me a ps invite if you like no need to guess my username. Not into football but cod and battlefield helps my mind focus on something else outside of life