KIT - Fractional Share Request

Hello T212!

Please can you make KIT (Keystone Investment Trust) a Fractional Share in preperation for Baillie Gifford taking over the Trust.

Thanks in advance.


Hello @David,

Sorry to bother you but I was just wondering when I can expect KIT to be made Fractional?

Thank you in advance.


Hello @David ,

Apologies for bothering you again but I noticed you were adding stocks that were requested within the last 24 hours… when can I expect KIT to be made Fractional?

Just a time frame would sufice.

Thank you in advance.


@David - would love to see this made fractional :+1:

The instrument is now fractional


I cant see it fractional? i have restarted my app too…

I have managed to add it to my pie on the web app - Perhaps it is delayed on the mobile app.

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done :slight_smile: cheers