Thoughts on NKLA?

I’m BULLISH on NKLA but short term I feel, well I hope it’s drops as I’ve sold all my positions at a profit, but seems to be consolidating like it’s holding out! Haha any thoughts on prices next week? Anywhere about 45-50 would be cool! Even though my average was wayyy less before! Sold around 70 so all good

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I think Nikola will be between $20 & $100 next week, but it could be more or less.


So what you think it’s going to drop first go up down left right haha a little bit broad there aren’t you

I thought the message was pretty clear, no?

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No, he pretty much said it could be between $20 and $100 but could be MORE could be LESS so basically he’s saying it could be between $0- $500. Pointless answer

I can see it go up, but it could also go down from here…

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I agree. It could go either way. :crystal_ball:

I definitely see it going up from here, or down.


Oh I thought he was agreeing with you. Bullish short term but not worth buying unless it goes down, right?

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The only way is way is up … baby … you and me now!!! :musical_note: :musical_note:

Seems like snake oil salesmen to me. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s all hype


I’m pretty bearish on NKLA, just got a bit of a bubble there out of publicity, don’t think it will last, not much value in the company

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I will pay 1000€ for everyone here if this company stays alive until 2023. :money_with_wings:


Marking the calendar now … :smiley:

I do however genuinely believe Nikola will go somewhere. I guess we’ll get to see how things pan out when pre-orders for Badger opens up on 29th June.


Personal opinion, Nikola is un-investable. Trade-able, sure but once shorting becomes more accessible and lockout periods ends it’s collapsing.

Fundamentals wise, this is the clearest video analysing Nikola hydrogen claims v Tesla v Diesel, highly recommend this over anything else:


you’ve just lost out haha NKLA Defos going to be around then, I just think it can hold out at that price without any products or even revenue streams but I could be wrong! hope it dips over next week I want back in

Simply comparing refueling costs doesn’t tell the complete story. There is so much more. Here is an hour long interview. Answers more questions than all other videos:

I am long Nikola. Was already following them before the merger. Got in early and believe in their vision. Traditional companies are going to get serious competition. Not only by Nikola also by Tesla.

I sold at 70,00. Made nice profit. I don’t think this is long term investment. I believe there is future with trucking and hydrogen, but I am betting my money on Daimler and Volvo. They are already working with technology and I bet they will manage to bring hydrogen semi trucks before Nikola.

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The video I linked went over total cost of ownership of Nikola’s leasing model vs costs of competition, which refuelling is a big part but not the only. It gives a good flavour of how the business model doesn’t add up. I also think they’ll be heavily dilutive to build out a hydrogen refuelling network which the Milton got the the costs wrong by orders of magnitude in a Tesla Daily interview (that’s bread and butter stuff).

Give me a run down of the “so much more”. Sorry but you’ve linked me a video of Trevor Milton presumably being interviewed by 3 other guys. I’ve heard enough contradictions and snake oil salesmanship in many of his interviews to listen to him for an hour not be challenged, so please give me a brief of this so much more and then I’ll make time to watch if it’s credible.

I too believe in the vision of a cleaner sustainable future, but Nikola won’t execute on it. Too many red flags :triangular_flag_on_post: for me


This is the video that really put me off

If someone tells within 30 seconds that he/she is not a fan of it, you know the deeper thoughts of that person. Not worth my time to watch it after 30 seconds.