Kodak pharma lol

Lots of halts on the way down as they try to prevent it falling straight to $2.

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Hello why did u suspend trading on kodak?? Why didnt you do it when i accidentally pressed buy instead of sell and lost some money. Now when we are to make money you are suspending it.

@PeterA @Team212

This hasnt aged well Phil :joy:

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OOOOFTYE!! :smile:

Moon landi-- whoops missed it.

Cue loads of questions as to why they couldn’t sell.

Oh wait, Medicii’s already asked that.


Who needs Netflix when we have this hahah

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I’ve got no work done this afternoon.

It has nothing to do with cameras this time funny enough :joy:

The world has gone mad. A defunct camera company is now going to supply … pharmaceutical ingredients!
Anything is possible

Sure buddy, CFD was suspended for more time than halt was issued. I got out with profit, but still.

That makes two of us - phew.

And I wasn’t talking about you, but glad no damage was done. Wouldn’t wish this sort of loss on anyone! :grimacing:

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Okay, my bad then. Sorry

Missed the KODK train man… I should check out the community more often

Currently $34.34 +13.16 (61.82%)

6 years of losing made up for in one day, wow. back to 2014 price.

i had never buy kodak , what is this?