Wrong Prices on Trading 212

There’s something seriously wrong with Trading 212 platform. It keeps showing the wrong prices which is leading to unnecessary losses by traders. Like right now, KAT opened at 2.60 and dipped down to 2.28 yet your platform is still showing the buy price as 2.50 which is way above the real quote price. This is a very serious issue that should be fixed ASAP. It begun happening after the Monday downtime.

My graph for KAT shows the variations in price pu are talking about but ultimately you are talking about a low volume AIM stock.

The last 5 trades (which might even be the only traded for today!) were all off book trades.

Is there no one else who’s noticed the platform has been giving the wrong prices since the downtime happened last Monday? Trading on Trading 212 has become a nightmare!

8-9 was 2.50
9-9.15 was 2.60
9.15-9.18 was 2.80
9.18-9.30 was 2.60
9.30-9.32 was 2.50
9.32- till now is 2.40

The charts is roughly correct at first glance.

@Keng where did you see 2.28?

@red @Keng

Whilst T212 uses Bloomberg for quotes which I often find are shit, especially with KOD atm, I believe in this case you were looking at the last trade.

T212 charts the ask which was 2.50 at that time.

The 2.285 were sells, the bid was 2.20 at the time.

@red @Keng

The 2.60 was also just the uncrossing trade price.

The ask was 2.50 on open and the first ordinary trade hit that ask with 16,865 @ 2.494

Please fix this… making a lot of incorrect trades leading to loses!!!

@imtiajmeah See the two posts above explaining. I’ve just explained both the charts and opening are fine.

It’s just a case of last trade Vs ASK.

The last trade can be a buy or sell and it’s the price they received/paid.

The ASK we see in T212 is the best offer at the time.

The 2.285s were people selling and that’s what they were getting, not buying at that price.

@phildawson If the real quote price is 2.28 at the time I’m buying the KAT stock but Trading 212 sells it to me at 2.50, doesn’t that mean I’m already in loss making territory right from the start? Why doesn’t that happen with all the popular stocks (ones with high volumes)? Why wasn’t this happening before last Monday? I use trading view for comparison, and up until last week, the quotes used to be the same across the 2 platforms.

Example: I bought £2000 IAG selling for £2003.23… profit of £3.23… However if you look down at result it shows £1.29… This is usually in line with each other… When I sell sometimes its inline with result and sometimes it inline with the popup… hit and miss which is correct!

The ask was 2.50 at that time, this is what you were buying at.

There is no quote at 2.28

The 2.28 is what someone received from selling their shares. The bid at the time being 2.20

It’s worth a Google on Market Makers and the spread


because the value of a stock is not fixed it is “market rate”
when you don’t have the share and looking to buy, you will see “the lowest sellers price ask at that time” which can be what ever that user wants to get.

when you bought the share and checking current value (or you want to sell), you will see “the highest buyers bid at that time”

popular shares have bucket loads of bidders and askers that is why the difference is low to none, a low volume AIM share that has less than 10 trades a day can have massive differences. (which is another reason why you should never ever issue a “market order” on a low volume stock)

trading212 is not a market maker, it simply shows the existing bids/asks.

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Thank you @kali Your explanation makes sense

If you guys are “losing” money because of this, you really need to spend some time reading how the stock market works, it’s the very most basic concept.


In your example your highlighted part shows the cost as an approximate figure - that is what the “~” symbol means.

The result will factor in that you buy at one price and sell at a lower price ie the spread.

Agree :wink: I just wanted to point out the 2 are usually in sync with each other and noticed today that they are not.

Nothing to do with the OP though with getting last trade and ask mixed up.

Your issue is just down to fractions.

20032.300/154.75= 129.449434572


0.75-0.65= 0.10 gain.

1293.2428056 * 0.10 = 129.32428056

Both are a gain of £1.29 rounded.

Also note

1293.2428056 * 154.65 = 199999.999886

The drop down and select number of shares when selling would help.