LAZR stock price not updating - Resolved

Price is$23 right now…why is my T212 stuck at 18??

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@Team212 @David Why is this not updating? How can i trade this stock at the current market price on T212??

who cares, it’s up at least :grin: :grin:
jokes aside hope it will get fixed

it will dip in a sec lol that is the issue!

I have faith in it, it will go up

There is no price for it now on T212

great, it is down 5% from the high now!!! @Team212 This stock was already on the app, it just merged. What is going on? why have you not even sent an update.

Its dropping now. FFS people are losing money!

it’s happened to me too

Yeh it’s a joke! You own a stock, and then it just stops updating a price on the app, without any update.

Fixed. :white_check_mark:

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Hi, What was the issue please? The market moved by as much as 10% in that time

Thanks for the quick response btw @Tony.V

@hmodh It took us some time to reflect the acquisition of Gores Metropoulos to Luminar Tech.

@hmodh see, it’s back where it started :grin: