Leaked Password - Proactive Checking

Hi everyone :wave: ,

We’re happy to share the latest account security :lock: measure.

You’ll be notified if your Trading 212 password has appeared in a data leak as we conduct a proactive check via a third-party service.

Also, don’t miss out the other account safety recommendations & tools that we have for you.


Great news @Tony.V - More companies need to proactively do this rather than relying on users to do this. :ok_hand:

Yep. This is great. I checked the API, it seemed easy enough to do - so wondering why I haven’t seen more companies doing this :slight_smile:

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Bravo for implementing this, even though it was not listed in the top requested features (and I guess it won’t bring any additional revenue to Trading 212).

Great companies know what their users need better than the users themselves!

I’m sure if there was a massive breach and some people lost money, this feature would have instantly become the most requested one. Thank you for proactively implementing it!


Some great features, thanks Tony :+1:

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Got a notification today and changed my password immediately - Well done @Team212