Compromised/Hacked Account

Hi everyone,

today my account was breached and I would like to share with everyone so we can all be cautious about it.
As it happened:

  • I made a deposit of funds to my 212trading account.
  • A few hours later I started getting notifications from my bank of several transactions being made to my 212trading account.
  • Luckily I keep the bank account I use to fund with minimum funds. So whoever breached my 212trading account could only make small transactions. These were obviously hacked as they started at a high value, getting smaller and smaller until they reached the money I had in my account.
  • When I opened my trading app I noticed there were 2 purchaces of bitcoin in the value of the deposit made.
  • I removed my card from 212trading and changed my password.
  • Contacted 212trading and currently waiting for a reply.

Hopefully 212trading can solve this situation but this has now made me worried about the security of my assets and money inside the 212trading account. I would also feel safer if there was a 2 factor authentication system in place.

Keep your eyes on your account and careful with what payment methods are currently linked to your account.

If I was in your shoes, using Web or Mobile, I would make sure to delete all stored passwords on that device you use, rotate all key account passwords like email etc.

Lot more damage would be done by email breach, also make sure to use passphrases instead of strong password.

Take care

@DrodriguesNeves We’re working to resolve this & we’re currently checking the server logs. Further details will be provided as a reply to your ticket. Nonetheless, you may be confident that we’ll sort this out and funds will be issued back to your card.

In the meantime, I’d suggest changing your account password, along with enabling the Passcode lock.