Trading212 account has vanished. All my money lost

I need help guys. Please try your best to help.

So I basically diposited and invested in some stock a few months back.

Fast forward today I tried log in my account and it told me my password was wrong. I tried to recover password and it told me YOUR ACCOUNT DOES NOT EXIST!


I have a screenshot of a transaction I made to my bf luckily and I’ve contacted trading 212 but they are not answering me (been a couple of days).

What do I do from here. It seems to me that someone gained access to my account, withdrawed and closed the account.

Will trading212 have a log of whom accessed my account? And to where funds were witdrawed to.

I cant believe the security is bad. They should send a text confirming withdrawals.

Please guys what can I do.

@Needhelp Could you please private message me your trading account’s email address?