Fraud on account

My account has been compromised, funds added and withdrawn - how can I contact Trading212, email is too slow and cant find a number. Please someone help

@AshleyH25 one of the @Team212 will pick this up for you.

For now I would advise you to set up 2FA on your account as an additional security measure. Instructions on how to do this can be found below:

This is setup already, no one from trading212 will contact me.

Have you given someone access to your device? That is the only way they can get your 2FA code.

The team will get back to you and will be able to investigate for you.

i mean ive set it up now, but trading212 dont respond to me

I see that our team is working on your case currently. Expect an update in the next couple of minutes.

You can be certain that the matter will be resolved.


Hopefully there is no security issue…