Legend on charts


Recently started using the platform for paper trading with the goal to switch to real down the line.

Would be great to have a legend for the indicators added to a chart. I know you can select the line color but would be handy just to see what indicators have been added in a legend with maybe the value of where the mouse pointer is. Especially if you have EMA, SMA, VWAP for example.

Hi @liamt,

If you are using the web app, you can click on the Object Explorer panel, which serves exactly as a legend of what indicators and drawings you’ve placed on the chart :slight_smile:

Hi George,

Thanks for your reply. Ahh I see, it lists the indicators I have active. I still think it would be useful to have the line color next to it so you can see what’s what. So next to the EMA(24, Close) it would show a blue line and similarly for other lines.

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