Three things to improve the chart view

Just three ideas that would certainly improve my trading experience on the platform and hopefully others will also find useful.

1. The option to permanently place a legend on the chart
Some of my templates have multiple SMAs and EMAs on and although you can give each a seperate colour, this is useless if you can’t then see which colour relates to which MA. Currently the only way to do it as far as I can see is to go to ‘Manage Objects’ and then click on the indicator in order to get a reminder of what colour it is. This process is inefficient and bothersome so a legend/key option somewhere on screen would be fab for the desktop version (I don’t use the app to review charts)

  1. Similarly to the above it would be great if you could see the name of the template that is loaded by having a permanent display on screen.

  2. The ability to customise the MA’s even more by say using (dotted lines for example, like when you customise your drawings) would also be helpful.

That’s my 2 cents. Thanks.