Indicators Profiles & Templates

Hi, I have some suggestions (not sure if they are already been suggested)

1- Saving current stock indicators to be used and loaded into another one without manually enabling them for each individual stock. (as a saved profile or future template and settings)

2- Show the indicators’ colours and names on top (or the corner) to quickly identify what is shown (sometimes I use 6, and I forget the colours)

3- Make the colours visible next to the indicator in the (chart object area) to visualize them easily.

  1. Show candle info while hovering over it with the mouse (this happens in the app but not the browser).


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Welcome to the Community, @Quixote :tada:

We’re working hard on integrating Trading View into the web app within the next few months. This will bring parity between the web and mobile charts while also bringing most of the above suggestions to life :raised_hands:


That would be helpful and time saver. Thanks, I appreciate it.

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