Couple of quick questions

Hi All,

Hope everyone is well and safe.

I have been using the practice account to good effect and building knowledge each day returning some good results which are always a good thing.

Just hoping for a bit of guidance if possible -

  • On the practice account orders are bought and sold instantly I predominantly trade in indices and commodities as I haven’t mastered FX yet. On the “real” account are they processed the same way instant buy and sell?

  • I had an odd incident today first time since I have been using the practice account where I placed a sell order on the FTSE and the market dropped below my marker which would normally equal a profit for me, however, this time the further it dropped the more I actually lost which would make sense on a buy order but not a sell? Is that a bug or can that be explained it’s never happened before and all previous experience with working on indices that scenario has netted me a healthy reward?




First point - yes, market orders are pretty much instantaneous. It all depends on how liquid the market is for the stock your trading.

Second point - could be due to market gapping or exchange rate ? not too sure honestly without seeing more information.

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Hi adm,

Thanks for responding it hasn’t happened before so I will keep an eye on it and if it happens again ill grab some more detail of the event.