Practise account

I have started a practise account on the side of my normal account just to have a bit of fun and I’m gonna try to turn 50k into 1million (not much else to do in lockdown XD). However, my sell orders are not going through. It is on the stock NAKD I bought 50k worth and it is now worth £123k. Whilst I understand on a normal account this is a penny stock, therefore low liquidity, therefore slow selling. However, I feel like for a practise account it should sell instantly… Furthermore, I don’t even think its a liquidity issue I think it may be a bug as it has been pending to sell for about 3 days. For some reason it sold £0.05 worth then stopped lol. Any chance this could be looked into?

what would be the point in the practice account if it didn’t replicate exactly what you are practicing to do for real?

I already invest for real and its going well but I thought it would just be a bit of fun to try get to 1mil

well it is still fun playing but if wanting to get a quick turn, why not use the CFD practice account?

The CFD practice account is unlikely to be able to make one even much fake money since long positions in many stocks are restricted to 0.


I got fully addicted to CFD once with real money and lost quite a bit :sweat_smile: So I’m trying to stay far away from it now. I wish I could remove it completely ngl. This was before I got into investing and luckily I have made back my losses now and then some

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Yh i saw that, why is it?

There’s a ton of better games to play to kill time.
My advice is don’t bother, as it will just reinforce bad practices, which you may carry over to the real account.

It’s easy to hit the reset button on the demo account. Not so easy in real life.