Leverage stock spread

Check this spread out guys. Can’t believe there’s no warning for this kind of thing. Wow

Yeah its kind of pointless day trading with them when the spread is so high.

Maybe @Oktay can check what happened.
@bmbm365 at what uk time did you placed your buy order?

I dont think that is the Granitshares leveraged products, usually has it in the name if so.

I bought it a few days ago…

It’s not graniteshares

Got in touch with 212 help but they said it’s up to the client

So emailed the client.

But basically this is worse spread than anything on AIM so if AIM comes with warning this should too

Hey @bmbm365,

Can you please share some more info - when the trade was inserted and what time it was executed?

I’ll make sure to get an explanation from the market maker and check the spreads in Bloomberg at that time. Thanks for bringing this to our attention and thanks for the tag @Rygel!

It was on Friday I took the pic.

Looks like it was official I had a look on the lse website

Looks like spread was over 27% what on earth? How can that be justified?

Hey - can you please share the exact time on Friday?

In times of volatility (and before US market opens) things can get slightly out of whack, but 30% really seems strange - so I need more info with which to approach the MM/check in BBG. Cheers.

Sorry I don’t know exact time I bought the shares I had bought multiple times in the early morning

The screen shot was taken after market close

Today the spread only 2% but this was definitely issue on Friday

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Btw if you go to SettingsHistoryClick on the particular buy order, you should be able to see all that info (when order was submitted and filled).

The spread is terrible as we speak

I’ve just looked on LSE website

It’s at 30% again, for everyone not just me

Well I don’t get it. When it goes up the spread goes up, and when it goes down the spread decreases.

The sell price just doesn’t move through the day no matter how volatile the quote prices are