Limit sell not working

Hi @David @Tony.V is the limit sell option not working at the moment when I’m trying to go into limit sell its bringing up this?

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I dont plan on selling but like to have this function operational for future.

@Tabbyh7 Could you please confirm if you’re still experiencing this after updating your app to the latest version

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Hi David. Not had an issue since. Think you guys sorted it out. :+1::+1::+1:

Hi David i know this is completely off topic but i cant seem to find it anywhere, if an instrument is trading in the UK stock but then moves into the US market or they also open up in the US market what would happen to those shares if you owned them. Sorry if this sounds stupid still a learner.

Ive heard people are experiencing delays in buying shares for Argo. Is this still the case??

@David @Tony.V