List of all stocks on CFD platform - looking for tickers

I know there is a list of stocks here:

However it does not show the tickers.

I’d like the tickers so I can feed them into yahoo’s python package “yahoo_fin”.

I don’t understand
The tickers are the first column titled “Instrument”
If I look at Apple I can see the “instrument” “AAPL”
What am I missing?

What you might need to do is another search, say here,

find the same ticker in order to determine the Exchange

Then you can add the suffix that Yahoo_fin requires… ie… VOD… London Stock Exchange… so structure of ticker is VOD.L

and so on… as the CFD stock list doesn’t show Exchange

That link you have is for Invest.

I am interested in CFD, which is here:

There are no tickers shown.

I don’t think all Invest stocks are on the CFD platform and vice versa. I can use your link for sure but I’m not sure if it will be 100% correct.

By the way I’ve just started using yahoo_fin. I can’t find info on rate limits. Does it have a rate limit?

Nope. I’m still confused.
Tickers are there.
I can see them. Even on CFD.
Yes that link is for Invest or ISA. Not the point!
The point was… reverse engineer the yahoo_fin ticker by reference to Invest, find the Exchange and add the logical suffix to the T212 ticker to “create” the Yahoo ticker.

Tickers are just numbers for me under “Instrument”.

That’s the ticker
Keep scrolling
Chinese tickers are numbers, as are Hong Kong etc… etc…
So, you’d identify it was Chinese or HK and suffix the ticker accordingly for Yahoo… eg, 0001.HK

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D’OH! :man_facepalming:

I thought I was going blind. THanks