Live chat - Where is the button

Where is live chat on the website? I keep getting auto bots on chat that cannot answer my questions and it tells me to go to “live chat” yet I see no button for this!

If the bot hasn’t managed to resolve your query, and the button isn’t responsive, just type in “Live chat” in the chat itself, and a colleague of ours will be with you asap :pray:


Hi, Live chat doesnt seem to working correctly, its asking me to choose from the options listed but its not giving me any options…also could you message me to discuss the issue I was attempting to get in touch about…many thanks


Hey, @Gavin212. I’ll send you a DM, keep an eye on your inbox. :pray:

HI, i cant see the message?

I can’t find live chat?
Does it exist?

If you’re on the web app there should be a chat bubble icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 08.50.46

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Thanks got there eventually

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