Lloyds bank cuts risk management staff

Is this a cause for concern since Lloyds provides the 1 million additional guarantee? Maybe someone from the team can answer how this is being perceived?

It’s Lloyds of London that provides the guarantee, a totally different outfit.

I think Lehmans Brothers may have said the same thing. Those annoying risk management people questioning plans

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Is it the same as Lloyds Chemists :wink:

Does anyone know whether the EUR 1 million private insurance contract will be renewed next year as well?

Heres the FT post which you can view without a membership :slight_smile:

@Scrooge_McCodf is on point with this :point_up:

Hi. It’s not clear where you live. My understanding is that the Eur1million protection is only for clients in the EU and doesn’t apply in the UK. Thus if you are in the UK it is irrelevant

Yeah, I’m in the EU…so is there news that the EUR 1 mln contract will be renewed?

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I think you need to ask not only whether it will renew but how much notice people would have if it ever changes and whether that notice period is in any T&C’s or service guarantee. In the UK we have much less protection but its Government protection so is permanent.

@LaughingBuddha23, you can see the current year’s policy here.

@WakeMeUp, we have no plans to change this.