Lloyds shares price drop from 2008

Please can someone explain to me why Lloyds shares have continually dropped? Is this share dilution?

Just check the movement of interest rates, self explanatory. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Vedran I am a noob. I just wondered if the government bail out affected it. But I can see the correlation from your graph is clear. Lower interest, less savers I guess, so smaller assets/cashflow I don’t know how you would define it.


Lloyds is heavily exposed to the mortgage market. Hence their performance rises and falls with the economy. Low BoE rates means low mortgage rates and that in turn means less income. Also when there is an economic recession less people are able to get mortgages and there is also a higher risk of mortgage defaults and that will affect the share price. If you you look at what’s been happening since the financial crisis in 2008, you will see that interest rates have been lower than they have ever been. On top of that add Covid-19 and it doesn’t paint a good picture for all banks. That’s not to say Lloyds is going bust anytime soon. They do have a solid business model and their balance sheet looks healthy enough to weather the tough times ahead. They will recover IMHO but not in the short term. If you wanted to invest in Lloyds then do so with the view to seeing returns in 5 to 10 years. On the whole, the financial industry tends to be affected by the state of the economy. Right now we’re heading for a recession which means their share prices are going to be hammered!


Thanks again TsotFin. Appreciate the feedback.