Extremely Slow Again! - ✅ Solved

Seriously need to sort your platform out, today took 10min to execute an order and I lost £500 on the profit! Been trading for years and never had this issue with other brokers. Thanks.


how long does it usually take?

What stock was it out of interest?

Should happen within seconds normally. IG takes max 5sec.

US stocks and EU, disappointing so far

@Albert Have you had any delays with EU stocks? I couldn’t find ones looking at your most recent trades.
Also, with the exception of the market open trade yesterday, all other trades have taken around 3 sec to execute. We’re aware of the issue yesterday & we’re communicating with our execution intermediary. They’re checking now if there was an issue with the exchanges since multiple retail brokers around the world were affected.

I really love this app but I’m also struggling with very slow executions of US stocks. The cost of paid platforms offsets the losses in profits on 212. What is the reason for slow execution?


I would not recommend putting your email details in Public… Security 101.

I am sure everything can be ironed out, if indeed Limit Order was placed and not Market Order.

Sorry about the email it is because I used 2 separate emails and I was not sure you could figure out my user id

You can always message support directly from the app/web platform rather than having to post in a public forum and wait for a reply.

More delays at US market open again? I have an order which appears to be stuck “processing”.

Happening this morning as well. Can’t take profits as trades are in the negative but the prices are really up

@jermainedavis Could you DM me your account’s email address?

How to direct message you?

@David has this been resolved for US start?

This morning I had same issues with European Stock Market, but it was better after 10 mins, however we lost a few opportunities :((
But yesterday at 14:30 UK time when NYSE opened everything was frozen …
And again in the first 15-20 minutes after opening nothing was beeing processed and I also lost some decent profits…

Having the same issue. My order for US shares was processing since market open for 5 minutes. I can’t cancel it either which is annoying !

Any reason for this as to why this is happening? This is the second time when is happening and first time I ended up buying on another platform because it took so long.

Again … 14:30 i place order Buy GE x 500 @7,25 / share at 14:35 GE is trading 7,42 , my order is still procesing …

I would have sold at 7,42 but now I’ll buy instead :))) pretty cool … NOT :slight_smile:

I’ve submitted a sell order - it isn’t showing that it is executing. When I hit sell again, I can only sell 1 share. Come on guys sort it out.


My stop orders have been stuck in the processing mode for a while. Now the stock prices are below my stop loss level, but the orders are still in processing. What’s going on?