Disastrously Slow execute 212

Hit buy a few hours before bell.
Due to Trading 212 late execute lost over £100

A limit order would have prevented paying the higher price.

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T212 Invest doesn’t work with pre and post market. If you sent the order before opening market you probably had also in the screen the information saying that the order will be executed at market opening. That jump happened before opening of the market and the market opened at 113,42.

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What are you talking about? You placed a market order before the market was open. Then you are suprised the price opens way higher than you expected?

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@SHDWBXR You placed a market order out of market hours, which means that the order will execute once US markets open at whatever price there is. It executed 5 seconds after markets opened at the best available price, I don’t see a problem here.

It was more than 5 seconds

Eg The other week it took several minutes to execute.

Look at the graph monkey. Read it.
I’m not going to waste time explaining to you


Low volume can cause lag, so always remember this when trading a stock under 1M average volume. If it is under this, you can expect to wait 30 seconds for an order to go through.

With that said, you placed an order which was before market opened.
This essentially waits until the market opens, and buys at the price at that time, not the price you saw in pre-market hours.

To remedy this in the future, set a limit order for the price you are willing to pay.
Honestly, this is best practice to do so regardless.

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Hello @SHDWBXR, I want you to meet “the gap”.

Should have bought it yesterday really, not usure why people when they see green % , they rush to buy…


A couple of weeks ago an execute of a UK stock actually several minutes on 212.
Oh my bad, I should have been there screenshotting the while process.

I think I’ll keep 212 for the isa and try some other app/platforms for swing trades.

Execution timing is said to be improved with the new data provider t212 is switching to.
Which is coming any week now.

I’m sure you can still carry on swing trading, but just do so with limit orders.


This has nothing to do with execution time…

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Dial down your language and attitude towards other community members, please.


Look at the screenshot i’m not wasting my time explaining it again to you.

Your answer had nothing to do with what my screenshot illustrated

So you placed a market order, pre-market being open…

Market GAPS up.

You now are obliged to buy at this new price.

User error, not trading212.


Wish I knew this info before I lost a lot of knew today

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We’re all learning here, just use limit orders from now on.

It’s saved my ass numerous times.
Sometimes it actually works to your advantage, and buys at a lower price if the market GAPS down.

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  1. Never place a buy market order while it’s closed

  2. Don’t buy as soon as the markets open otherwise you’ll get burned by 212 as sometimes it’ll sit there pending for several minutes and then it puts you on the highest spot it could find

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@AleRi8 We don’t execute based on “highest spot we can find”, it’s neither legal nor beneficial to us in any way.