Locked fractional shares watchlist

Why is the Fractional shares watchlist locked into the second place just to the right of My watchlist? I would rather have easy access to the watchlists I create, as three I can access without scrolling right at the top of the android app.

On Android App, you have a pen icon top right, click that , once you in “edit” mode , you can drag and drop each tab to make order you wish…

That is true, but if you try it you will find that it does not work with the watchlist called Fractional Shares. It is impossible to move that particular list out of second leftmost location.

You don’t need to move that tab you move others:)

Check my order.

But it is true, you cant move my watchlist and fractional shares, however you can move other infront or behind so doesn’t matter.

We will investigate that. The workaround that @Vedran pointed out works, however, this is definitely not the intended user experience.

I don’t know how @Vedran did that. On my phone it is impossible to move any other watchlist to sit at the left of the Fractional Shares one.

You need to enter edit mode:

Then press and hold the tab you want to move.

It will pop up and then you can move it. Press and hold for few moments, sometimea it takes few tries, to actually drag it.

It is a cluncky mechanic which should be changed imho, they should have button at edge of tab which is drag and drop :slight_smile:

Thanks. I understand that, but I swear it does not work on my phone. I can press and hold a tab and move it around to drip in another place, but not to the left of the existing Fractional Shares tab. This is with android Version on Piixel 2xl

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@Richard.W We found a little problem with the configuration of the watchlist. Now you should be able to move it :slight_smile:


I can verify this it is now working as intended. Thanks for the fix.