LON:AAA delisting

I’ve got a position in All Active Asset Capital, which has now delisted from the AIM market. My position is held in an ISA.

I’ve been trying to get info out of Trading212 about how this will be managed, but chat support hasn’t been helpful.

Private companies can’t be held in an ISA so I want to know what my options are for this position and how I can manage it going forward?



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The company has been delisted from LSE. We are currently waiting for confirmation from our intermediary on how to proceed with the holdings. The holders of the stock will receive a platform notification with additional information once such is present.

Please can you find out a timeline for this happening? I have spoken to chat support three times and now you and have got no information. It is not sufficient to say we are waiting. Please provide me with a clear indication of when you might have this information.

I’ve also got a position in AAA, would also like to know.

But according to Oberon which will be offering the agency broking service for AAA, their service is expected to commence w/c 16th August

Maybe T212 will be arround the same time.

Hi T212,

Any update, or is there someone I can speak to for more clarity?



Besides the fact that the company was delisted from the LSE almost a week ago- I’m afraid that, at this stage, there are no further updates on the matter. There are several articles circulating online (see below) referring to how AAA has engaged in “constructive negotiations” with Audioboom Group, in an attempt for a takeover, but nothing has been confirmed, thus far.

Until there’s been an official statement made from either one of the companies, the situation is most likely to remain on hold. We’ll be keeping an eye out for any further developments, and we’ll make sure to update you right away.