London direct listing questions

Wise is rumoured to direct list on LSE very soon, was wondering if anyone knows how long it would take Trading 212 to add a new stock if it direct lists in London? Can we buy it on T212 right away or will wait for a few days? Cheers

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From previous it really depends on how quickly Interactive Brokers add the stock, and they can be quite slow on non US stocks.

Why wait until it lists, you could buy an investment trust that has a holding in Wise to get some exposure.

I guess it depends on what you think the current / future value may be in terms of an entry point, and an investment trust would give you exposure to other stocks you may not be so interested in.


@Dougal1984 's answer is on point :v:

In a nutshell, it is safe to say that If IBKR adds the stock on day 1 - so would T212. Still, in non-US IPOs, they generally take a day or two. So, the likelihood of the stock being available on day 2 is fairly high.


Wise are letting some of their customers to buy shares through their own scheme. Is this something that Trading 212 could support? They mentioned that the clients who have been selected for the scheme would have to buy the shares through their own broker.